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Welcome to DecentraGuild, A All-In-One
Collaboration platform that aims to revolutionize global web3 collaboration.

By combining the power of cooperatives with modern technology of blockchain and web3 we're opening new possibilities for Gaming Guilds and other web3 project to work together in a decentral manner.

Join us on this exciting journey as we bring together
gamers, creators, innovators, dreamers and communities from around the


Our platform provides a seamless and secure environment for collaboration amongst decentralized entities. Discover a range of tools and features designed to streamline communication, project management, resource sharing and more.
Whether you're a developer, artist, entrepreneur or just a guild member- our platform offers the infrastructure you need to turn your groups ideas into reality. Powered by blockchain technology in a secure and decentralised form. 


Each ecosystem is unique and starts off as a private group with their own vaults, private tokens and multi-signature tree.
Each ecosystem can manage itself by collaboration. We are providing a legal framework that comes with our tokenomic structure and vaults. Our web3 structure was inherently designed to be fair to all involved parties involved, and you know exactly what you get when you start. Each community has full control over their own tokenized entity on-chain. 

DAO Vaults and Multi-sig

Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) Voting puts the decision-making power in the hands of the community within the vaults. Participate in the governance of a DecentraGuild by voting on important proposals, shaping the ecosystem's future, and ensuring a democratic and inclusive environment for all participants. Task specific multi-sigs are controlled directly by the members and its participants. 

Dual Tokenomics

Each dGuild operates on a dual token system. These tokens function as the registration of your contribution in time or financial investment and each assigned Vault holds the underlying asset.
Together the circulating tokens hold the power to control the dGuild entity and vote on important matters based on the set parameters, create value through task and distribute rewards through the tokens themselves.

Manage your Ecosystem or dGuild

All these individual parts are spread amongst different dApps, which we will bring together on our platform; provide a rock-solid tokenomic model and the necessary legal framework.

The following functions will be included in our roadmap

NFT gating

Harness the power of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) to create exclusive access and opportunities for participants to your dGuild Eco system. These NFTs function on multiple verticals for your members, while leveraging blockchain technology for transparency, speed  and authenticity. All controlled from within your own dGuild.

Ranking System

Our NFTs track your performances inside the ecosystem and can unlock certain qualifications within a dGuild.
We believe that doing the work makes you better at managing the work, for certain position in an ecosystem you need to meet the minimum requirements that are set by that dGuild ecosystem or our platform.

Social Intergration

Link your communication channels with your tokens, NFTs and community. Give access to different channels based on ranking or holding certain NFTs, get more engagement with your community by having them link their social account to their membership NFT and have a bigger network to spread the message.

DAO Vaults

Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) Voting puts the decision-making power in the hands of the community. Participate in the governance by voting on important proposals, shaping the dGuild future, and ensuring a democratic and inclusive environment for all participants by the tokens.


Security is paramount in the world of web3 collaborations. DecentraGuild supports multi-signature wallets, which require multiple participants to authorize transactions. This ensures enhanced protection against unauthorized access and adds an additional layer of trust to your collaborative endeavours. But requires active participation from your members.

Job Boards

Find opportunities and talent through a dGuild's job board. Whether you're seeking skilled professionals or looking to contribute your skills, our platform connects your members and your internal goals. All tasks will have rewards with wForce attached to them for members to claim when the task is completed. These rewards need to be locked at task creation.

Fiat offramps

When we succeed with our legal roadmap its likely that fiat payments to your members is also something you can support. This isn't our first priority but will be explored during the development. 

Ex- and Internal Marketplace

Besides a wallet that will be trading with the external marketplaces, you might want to setup a dGuild member only marketplace, we will provide you with the required tools.

On-chain Analytics

You will be able to track all your shared assets, private tokens, your members, your multi-sig tree, the ecosystem as a hole and many more cool data sets you can explore.

Metaverse intergrations

Because we offer a all-in-one solution we want search for collaboration with the metaverse creators themselves and being able to link our dGuild system directly to their metaverse.

Legal Framework

Gain access to the legal framework underpinning a Decentra Guild. Discover our regulatory requirements, ensuring a secure and trustworthy environment for collaboration. It gives a solid foundation to collaborate on. We are currently searching for the best location to start these collaborations.


 These are administrative tools and features available to guild leaders and their managers within dGuild.  Year reports and other tools required for you to manage your dGuild's future together.
But also things like tax reports per wallet based on your sKing and wForce tokens on a individual level will be something we provide.

Provides the community
an edge 

By working together to achieve a common goal provides the community an edge vs other
non-organized entities or solo players. Alone you might not get the chance to buy that expensive asset like a legendary ship, sword or gun, together you fund it and together you use it 24/7. All by voting and signing transactions together with your members of your ecosystem.

Manage through Web3


Our secure Vaults offer a decentralized storage solution for your digital assets. Safeguard your creations, NFTs, in a
tamper-proof environment. Rest easy knowing that your valuable assets are
protected by cutting-edge encryption and distributed across the blockchain.

sKing Tokenrecord

The sKing Record provides opportunities for individuals and organizations to stake in the future of a dGuild.  By staking the assets you give the ecosystem a passive income and a better chance of reaching their goals. We registrate this on-chain by the sKing Token, you are recognised as stakeholder in the ecosystem and benefit from their success.

wForce Tokenrecord

The wForce records the lifeblood of dGuild's ecosystems. It tracks the rewards of gamers, creators, developers, and others for their valuable contributions to the dGuilds goals. Earn wForce Tokens by lending your skills, sharing resources, or supporting the community, and unlock a world of opportunities within your ecosystem and get a bigger voice within it

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