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Decentra Guild

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What's next on our
of our own Ecosystem


We believe in our business structure and our tokenomic system and our goal is to follow our own model as soon as possible. 

As short roadmap

Build Prototype product

Setup the first Vaults, start Multi-sig tree, Setup the security and permissions inside the system, mint EXP token, Create the dGuild Job board, Create ranking NFT with tracking on EXP token, Mint the NFT for funding the platform and start building the dGuild Experience Centre. So we can start and figure all parts out that are required. 

Launch dGuild Experience Centre Ecosystem 

Learn the systems and structures by entering our dGuild and gain enough EXP to launch your own dGuild. Because the system is complex and we provide a all-in-one with  lots of triggers, buttons and parameters to set, understanding how it all works is very important and is done by this dGuild Experience Centre.

Community controlled DAO Vaults and Multi-sig

As part of the demonstration of the system we will use the NFT holders and the EXP token holders in separate Vaults and together have to vote on proposals.
See how this leads into goals at the dGuild vault and how their proposals lead to tasks and rewards inside our system.
Decentralised cooperatives will be the best way forward for web3.

Launch Dual Tokenomics for Decentra Guild platform

During the initial phase of the setup of our technical system we will be implementing the legal framework for using our tokenomics. We know this will be our biggest hurdle to overcome. But when we reach that point our vaults and tokens are legally binding the community to the ownership of the entity, at that point we want to mint our tokens and open up our platform to others

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