Collaboration made easy

Decentra Guild

Through a comprehensive all-in-one platform

Our First Goals are set

We are currently working on assembling a competent team willing to take the lead and provide a genuine solution, rather than engaging in endless token minting based on time.

We want to create a solution for small groups that don't have the budget to build everything themselves or want to focus on the things they do best or enjoy the most. 

We anticipate that we can rapidly build our solution due to the availability of Open Source dApps.

In the meantime we will create the vehicle (entity) that would take us towards this goal.
We would love to start straight away as a fully decentralised DAO but we simply cannot start at the finish, we first need to put in the miles before we reach our goal. But our entity registration allows us to go there without any problem.

If you are intrigued by this concept and would like to learn more, please reach out to us, we can arrange a discussion.

Extra note!

As we mentioned, our tokens are designed to facilitate the management of a secure and decentralized private community. Our aim is to enable collective collaboration among like-minded individuals. To accomplish this, we create tokens with genuine value, allowing people to enter and exit at their convenience.

Developing a suitable legal framework will be the primary challenge for every web3 guild. We intend to establish a universal framework that can be utilized by many, empowering your guild to collaborate in your own ecosystem.

We intent to take a fee of 3.5% on the minting of the tokens, this creates a revenue model that we use to fuel our platform, pay our team, extend our reach towards other groups and extending our legal frameworks or different structures.

We are granting the Vaults the ability to leverage the ownership certificates, but it is important to note that these tokens themselves are not identical to the these certificates. The circulating token supply will fluctuate, potentially affecting the voting power it holds. This is particularly true for wForce.

sKing maintains a fixed circulation supply. If the Ecosystem later decides they want to increase the maximum supply of sKing tokens, they would need to allocate another portion of their ownership certificates to that vault, thereby altering the voting and value distributed to the vaults.

We perceive this as a problem that needs to be solved. We have already taken steps toward our goal, but any additional assistance could speed up the realization of this solution. If you are interested in helping us build, please don't hesitate to reach out.