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Vaults are decentralised smart contract wallets that are managed by the entire group or a big selected groups.
Proposals are more advance and can include multiple choice. These votes lead to the Goals and direction of your dGuild.

The wForce and sKing vaults both work with their corresponding tokens and have the governance over the entity when its fully deployed and will split this according to the certificates inside the vault.
The dGuild vault is managed by verified management and a council that gets selected by votes from the community. Together they manage the main vault and distribute value through the chain of multi-sig wallets.

The end responsibility is with the task forces and their project managers to do the work according the pending tasks, distributing the assets assigned directly after verifying together for completion.

NFT funding Vault

▶ Fund the start of your Decentra Guild together
▶ 100% of vault is used to create the legal entity
▶ NFTs minted by Founding members
▶ First board members to guide start-up phase
▶ Comes with a experience token for you to set up your own ranking system 

dGuild Vault

▶ Only controlled and managed (not directly claimable)
▶ Spread across multiple layers of Multi-sig wallets
▶ On-chain administration (later stages we also want to add off-chain administration to this)
▶ Holds NFTs or digital Assets
▶ Controls the membership NFTs

wForce Vault

▶ Rewards for members
▶ Receives “the Burn”
▶ Mint on ''Distribution share'' only
▶ Claimable by wForce
▶ Starts with 100% of governance certificates
▶ Gives ownership certificates to sKing vault to increase sKing supply

sKing Vault

▶ Staking (passive income)
▶ Applies “the Burn” on initial stake
▶ Distribution on burn for example :       70% sKing, 15% wForce , 15%dGuild 
▶ Mint by Members staking
▶ Claimable by sKing token
▶ Receives ownership certificates from wForce vault to increase sKing token supply.

Multi-Sig wallets

Multi-sig are like mini-vaults with smaller group handling a smaller portion of the value. We recommend having at least 5 people in each multi-sig. With each tier down, the number of multi-sigs can grow, this can grow organically when there is a need. We want to create a easy tool for visualizing the multi-sig tree and help managing all permissions between them. 

The votes are ratter simple, its only Yes or No, you sign the transaction, and when enough people do this the event/transaction will be triggered. 

dGuild multi-sig

▶ First link in Balance Sheet of DG
▶ Receives the newly minted wForce tokens
▶ Managed by the Council and the Lead managers
▶ Used to distribute the value towards members
▶ On-chain administration 


▶ Help divide your Ecosystem into smaller chuncks 
▶ Creating cluster tasks based on Goals from Council
▶ Creating Workgroups or Clans for the completion of the tasks
▶ Managed by dGuild multi-sig + Management  


▶ Get assigned jobs and task that are focused on a specific goal and spread the budgets given.
▶ Utilize your management
skills and help the Ecosystem
reach their goal. 
▶ Can also be a collective enterprise among members

Taskforce / Missions

▶ The actual task that needs to be completed
▶ Rewards are assigned for each task
▶ After the task is completed the group together sign's off on the completion
▶ Distribute wForce towards the members that contributed to the specific task


At this page we learned that we use many types of voting inside our system, it could be with tokens or by signing a transaction in a multi-sig (give your consensus for that transaction). Its all baked into our system and gives the Ecosystem full control over their own situation, its important to remember that each ecosystem is growing their own tree so we expect lots of different shapes and forms, but at their foundation they all work the same.

Manage through Web3

Assets moving

Our secure Vaults offer a decentralized storage solution for your digital assets. Safeguard your creations, NFTs, in a tamper-proof environment. Rest easy knowing that your valuable assets are
protected by cutting-edge encryption and distributed across the blockchain.

Rules changing

Our platform give a wide set of variables that you can change by votes inside the community.

As long as the changes stay within our template, your ecosystem is free to change these rules together with their members

Permissioned to enter

Your memberships are handled by vote as well, so a new member can only join your ecosystem when the assigned multi-sig completes the transaction to lend out a NFT. This NFT is also revokable if players are misbehaving. This will lock them out of your Ecosystem. 

Ranking permissions

Certain roles and information will be locked behind different NFTs too.
This is because for certain permissions in the system like with the management of a dGuild vault you would need special verification and registration for example.