Collaboration made easy

Decentra Guild

Through a comprehensive all-in-one platform

Triple consensus mechanism
with a combination of PoS and PoW

Dual Tokensystem for recordkeeping

All what our tokens do is keeping record of your contribution and are only usable inside that specific ecosystem. Each project signing up will have their own private tokens, their own vaults and decide on their own how to distribute value through their system. These two tokens both have their own vault with their own underlying assets. Tokens only get minted when value is inside the vault. This allows players to leave without the requirement of selling items to give them a portion of the value they contributed. 

These vaults hold the ownership certificates of the Entity and your tokens are a utility layer for those assigned certificates inside the vault. We understand that our structure could be considered a security in some countries but a entity owned by community is a familiar setup in many. 

wForce Record

The wForce Record (wForce) - A token we use to record your contributions of your time and efforts towards the dGuild, any task or responsibility will have a reward and for each task you complete you can claim your reward. Your work is validated by other members and together they sign off on completion. The value behind these tokens will need to come from revenue streams only or the initial burn at the staking with the sKing token. wForce tokens are minted each month when receiving their distribution share at a fixed ratio per token that can only change by vote of the Council with a max inflation or deflation of 5% per month announced 1 month prior to the change. 

sKing  Record

The sKing Record(sKing) is used for record keeping when a dGuild want to gain passive income through staking to secure the position of the dGuild, wForce vault will sell x amount of the ownership certificates towards the vault of the sKing record, select the circulation cap and starting ratio, how much of this value is distributed towards the other vaults (this process is called “The Burn”). The remaining value gets locked in the sKing vault and is used in staking, this gives a passive income towards the dGuild, but it stays claimable for the sKing token holder at any time (with a potential unlock period).

 '' the Burn ''

When the sKing is initially minted, only 70% of that value gets stored inside the vault. The remaining 30% goes towards the other vaults for bootstrapping the dGuild.  Each ecosystem gets to decide on their own how these variables are set but in the examples we are naming our own values. 
The remaining 70% will go into the sKing vault for staking and used for a passive income towards the dGuild. You can claim back your this 70% + value shared by converting your sKing back at the Vault.

Distributions from Ecosystem

The dGuild vault collects all value and deducts the cost of operation. The value is then spread amongst all vaults. Our own variables for this will be: 
- 10% sKing vault
- 30% wForce vault
- 60% dGuild vault
Each dGuild is able to set their own values. All variables set are saved and stored inside a NFT locked inside the dGuild vault and are visible to all members. By vote they could change these values

As result is that sKing holders are able to claim a higher amount per token because no new tokens are minted. When the wForce vault receives revenue it will mint new tokens and managers assigns these wForce tokens to tasks or goals inside the ecosystem. Members receive these tokens when the task is completed. dGuild vault receives the majority so it can pay 3rd parties or buy/hold more shared assets and earn bigger rewards with them, increasing the earnings of the dGuild and repeating the cycle over and over again while slowly releasing value towards the community.

Funding rounds

Each ecosystem will have 2 funding rounds.

The first round is going through a NFT sale, the funds raised will be used for their entity registration and all other requirements for the start up. We try to keep the required funds for this as low as possible. These NFT holders are the founding members of the entity and will
be the first members and will guide the dGuild through the process of registration and setup.

The second funding will be their own sKing token if they need it and this vault will receive a percentage of the certificates, when they open this vault. 'The Burn'' will be applied when minting. This value collected will be used to extend their community reach, grow the shared assets, gain passive income to name a few.  All with the goal to help your dGuild succeed. 

Now you know how they are created

What is our goal?

Our Goal