Collaboration made easy

Decentra Guild

Through a comprehensive all-in-one platform

Meet the founding Team
of the Decentra Guild solution

If you think you can contribute please reach out to us

Our first goal will be setting up the legal backside + combining all tech into one platform and make it visually appealing

Meet Jordi Baudoin

I been a entrepreneur since I started my first business during college. In 2017 I joined the crypto space and fell in-love with the possible outcome of it. I have always been a gamer and often participate in guild leading roles.  I experienced the Crypto gaming space for a couple of years now and see possible problems we need to overcome. Collaboration on a fair way is one of the hurdles we need to solve. Hence why we create dGuild.

Meet Bomber

Coming soon!

Meet Solwalker

Coming Soon

Meet you?

We are a small but determined team, we created the first dGuild already as a prove of concept in the past 2 years. We now decided we want to provide this solution to others.  Do you think you can help us on this journey?

Please reach out and hopefully we can add your name to this list.

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